What is the Era of the Intelligent Insurer

The biggest innovations in insurance over the next three years will not be in the technology tools themselves, but in how we design them with employees, customers, intermediaries and other human partners in mind.

Digital technology continues to reshape the insurance industry at an unprecedented and quickening pace. In our Technology Vision 2017 research, 87 percent of insurance respondents agreed that we have entered an era of technology advancement that is no longer marked by linear progression, but by an exponential rate of change.

What sets this new wave of disruption apart from those that preceded it is that humans are firmly in control of how technology reshapes our experiences, our industry and the wider world. It’s no longer people who are adapting to technology—rather, the technology is adapting to us.

We’re putting technology to work to disrupt ourselves, our organizations and entire industries. The technology we use today—compared to that of just a few years ago—is increasingly interactive, as touch displays, mixed reality, and natural language processing make it feel more human.

Advanced technology is now capable of learning, with contextual analysis, image recognition and deep learning algorithms that make it seem to think more like us. And, perhaps best of all, technology can now adapt—by constantly aligning itself to our wants and needs.

The five major trends observed are :

  1. AI is the new UI – The Experience Above All
  2. Ecosystem Power Plays – Unleash the Power of Us
  3. Workforce Marketplace – Invent Your Future
  4. Design for Humans – Inspire New Behaviors
  5. The Uncharted – Invent New Industries, Set New Standards


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